PDF Viewing Window

IF calling the src from an external source you must use "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP". You cannot call in an unsecured document into a secure site.

The initial iFrame src can be anything even left blank:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600" name="pdf_open" scrolling="yes" title="PDF Viewer">

but best if it links to a simple page (one which does not call in the header or footer) or image (as shown above).

iframe src="https://www.dzynzsco.com" width="100%" height="600" name="pdf_open"
iframe src="https://www.drewsworkshop.com.au" width="100%" height="600" name="pdf_open"

The Code:

<table width="800" height="600" align="center">
		<td width="20%" align="center"><b>PDF</b></td>
		<td width="80%" align="center"><b>Viewing Window</b></td>
		<td align="center">
			<li><a href="https://www.soudal.com.au/pdf/SDS%20-%20Soudal%20Primer%20100.pdf" target="pdf_open">Safety Data Sheet</a></li>
			<li><a href="https://www.soudal.com.au/pdf/TDS%20-%20Soudal%20Primer%20100.pdf" target="pdf_open" >Technical Data Sheet</a></li>
			<li>Nothing here yet.</li></ul>
		<td align="center">
			<iframe src="https://www.dzynzsco.com/" width="100%" height="600" name="pdf_open" scrolling="yes" title="PDF Viewer"></iframe>

Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet