The adventures of "The ApocaMits" is currently under construction.


This webpage is my way of sharing my adventures and hunting trips across Australia.

A bit about me: ……….. (yeh .. not sure about this bit yet)

“The ApocaMits” is a 1996 NJ Pajero GLS, 3.5lt DOHC V6.

I purchased the ApocaMits in March 2022 for $1700 with 355,000km on the clock, after waking up one morning, not being able to walk or move without severe pain, due to a spinal injury (20 years ago) and degenerative arthritis.

Sitting and wondering if that inevitable wheelchair was just around the corner as told by the spinal surgeon that I would only have 10 years left before I would need one (that was 22 years ago!) I still hadn’t done what I had always dreamed of doing and that was travelling around Australia.

So when one of my close friends at the Naracoorte Pistol Club offed to sell me his 4wd, I jumped at the chance for 2 reasons. One was to give me something to look forward to (an essential part of any recovery process) and the 2nd  reason was it was a 4wd and it could get me places no sedan could and I could fulfill the second part of my lifelong dream and go hunting after game that is not readily available in South Australia.

We both have a few miles on us and before we are too physically depreciated to see this country, we together shall live the life of the nomad (for short periods of time), living off the land in remote areas that are not normally view by tourists.

Each trip will be posted on this site when I get back as most of the areas, I intend to go have no internet or mobile cell coverage. The best way to build character and strength is to face challenges without having assistance, being alone in a hostile environment with only the basic equipment to survive and be able to return home.

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Evening Star Tourist Park

Charleville 26th September – 8th October 2022 The Adventures Begin: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit…